Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Poll Time: Thick Hair versus Fine Hair

I have a theory. I think that rather than looking at the hair typing system (1,2,3,4) we should be paying more attention to whether hair is

1. Thick or Thin (individual strands not your whole head)
2. Curly, Kinky or Kinky Curly

So to test this theory, I have a series of poll questions and the first one is can we relate splitting hair to hair thickness?

Do you often see split ends in your hair or do you have to regularly trim your hair to avoid getting split ends?

If your answer is yes, please answer 'often see split ends' in the poll and choose if you would consider your hair strands as fine , medium or thick.

If your answer is no, please answer 'few split ends' in the poll and select your hair thickness.

Thank you for indulging me!


  1. Question:

    When you mention hair thickness, are you referring to strand density on the head or individual strand thickness? I'm assuming the latter but I know people use the word thickness when referring to both.

  2. A few questions

    What is the timeframe for seeing split ends? Within the year or ever?

    By 'Thick' do you mean the strands or the density? I have thick hair (dense), but my strands are a mix of coarse (crown and front) and medium (everywhere else) so I don't know where I fall.

  3. thanks for asking b and June - I am referring to the individual strands - I've changed the post to specify that.

    thanks Lacoya :)

  4. I think that noting whether hair has shine or sheen makes a difference in how the hair behaves.

  5. I have fine hair with very few split ends, but I get more fairy knots than anything!

  6. I wish we could have selected more than one. My hair is a very dense mix of fine and medium strands. I have never seen a split end in my fine hairs and I have only encountered, I guess, mid shaft splits in my medium strands and only on occasion. Since going natural (a little over a year ago) I don't think I've had any split ends.

  7. 1. Fine
    2. Kinky
    3. Rarely / never see split ends buuuut regular knots, fairly etc
    Holla from Kenya....regular stalker. Will subscribe soonest. My go to blog for real knowledge and regularly send natural headed ladies I meet on my travels to you.
    Finding you about 18months ago after 4 years of being natural has really helped my journey...I was really fumbling in the dark using way toooo much heat and though I still have a lot of learning to do of my hair the methods and guides your blog and a few others has led to improvement in the health and length retention of my hair. This knowledge I now use on my 2.7 year olds hair and it's doing well also. Thanks, Sondbird

  8. this is something i've thought about as well, but more in terms of manipulation level, so the poll also doesn't account for how much manipulation is involved in have "few split ends" or "often see split ends", regardless of strand thickness.

  9. Thanks all for your comments.

    Sondbird- Vipi :)

    Sarah - I think that you do raise a valid point about manipulation. I think it is difficult to form a poll question that covers all bases. I would expect in the final analysis ways to keep split ends at bay like less handling would be raised.

  10. i've been screaming about the hair typing system, and thick/thin coarse/fine referring to individual hair strands forever. glad to see im not the only one yelling about this from the rooftops

  11. Often see split ends and i have fine and kinky curly hair.

  12. When I was much younger I got both split ends, and those weird white "balls", that I've since learned are broken areas. Back then I washed with regular commercial shampoo 3-4 times a week, used heat frequently and occasionally teased.

    Now I cowash 1-2 times a week, never use heat or tease, and deep condition a lot more. I haven't seen split ends or broken balls in many years even though my hair is considerably older and has been chem dyed.

  13. According to the LOIS system i have:
    SO curls
    Fine-Medium strand size
    Thready texture
    Thick density

    I tested my porosity in water and it didn't sink! So i have normal porosity.
    I love that what i have learnt about hair and by applying i am reaping the fruits! :D

    I have weathered ends(some parts of my ends are lighter than the rest).

  14. Hi!

    I answered fine and rarely see split ends but I also regularly trim my hair. I'm not sure if my hair would have splits if I didn't trim it. Also, I get a decent amount of SSKs. Is that included in the split end category?

  15. I don't know why I said wrong

    Few split ends, thick strands.

  16. My hair is VERY fine, almost whisper thin, but very few split ends and kinky.


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