Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fine Hair is more prone to split ends

Thank you to the 415 of you who participated in the recent poll on hair thickness and split ends.

Hair Thickness  Distribution

The majority of you reported having fine hair (47%) but a significant number of you had medium and thick hair strands.

Hair Thickness Number of Women
Percentage (%)
Fine 194 47%
Medium 126 30%
Thick 95 23%

Split Ends

The final result is that if you have fine hair you are more likely to have split ends or need to trim often to keep them at bay. This is the only category of thickness where the majority (56%  of fine haired women) report having split ends often.

For medium and thick hair strands the result is that split ends are less likely to be a problem with 41% and 44% of your respectively reporting that you have split ends often.

Hair Thickness Often See Splits Ends /Often Trim
Fine 56%
Medium 41%
Thick 44%

In conclusion: You should be aware of split ends no matter what your hair thickness is but be more vigilant if you have fine hair


  1. Hi JC. This is VERY interesting. I was wondering what would happen if the tables were turned and we looked at Single-Stranded Knots. The majority of my strands are THICK (about the same density as thread), and while I don't see very many split ends (can't recall EVER seeing one), I recently blew out my hair and found my ends FULL of single-stranded knots. Hence, I cut off about 1/2 inch as a result.

    Perhaps thick-haired naturals see more single-stranded knots, or perhaps this is more of a 'loose curls' vs 'tight curls'? (since the tighter woven the curls are, the more likely they are to curl up on one another).

    Just a thought. :)

    Love the blog!

    1. Great point! I can tell you that I have fine, loose curls and my hair is split prone but not very prone to single strand knots. I get one or two single strand knots per five to ten split ends. However I get much fewer splits now and hoping for none, I have a few things that I have researched that are working well for me.

  2. Hi Jc! Thanks for taking this poll and posting this. This was interesting. I learned something today. (SW)

  3. Thank God I o take precautions with my fine hair. My blog is dedicated to fight against my hair progress retardation. I always keep my hair in protectives styles. I don't always like them but since I want longer hair, that's what I have to do.
    Thanks as always for sharing and thank God for the gift he has given you to educate us!!

  4. Thank you JC. Fine hair is fragile and requires a lot of care. Even if we did a poll on SSKs, I think the results would be the same. My hair is fine and dense. I have tight curls and I see a lot of SSKs. I cannot go more than 8 weeks without trimming.

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    I like the idea Lacoya, I will do that as the next poll

  6. The results seem sort of intuitive. I would think finer strands would be more susceptible to SSKs and splits just due to their size, but it would also be easier to moisturize.

    My low porosity and coarse are a nightmare to moisturize properly, but once they are adequately moisturized, it stays moisturized (and wet!) for a while. About 3 miles of my run this morning was in the pouring rain with thunder and all. You would think my hair would have been soaking wet (all I had on was a sweat band), but nope. The hair was wet at the ends, but not soaking wet. It seemed like it was just on the surface of my strands.

  7. Great post JC. I agree with Lacoya. I have med-thick strands and do not recall ever seeing a split ends. But I have loads of SSKs.

    When I had my last trim, the stylist also said I had no split ends but a lot of SSKs. I know protective styles that prevent your hair strands from getting entwined/coiled on each other is a good way to prevent SSks. A post on knots would be great and much appreciated!

  8. Very interesting since I am starting to realize that what I thought were medium strands might just be thin strands with fine strands. I just wondering if the rate of split ends are so frequent and the only solution is to trim is there any way someone with thin to fine hair that is extra kinky in texture (like my own) can guarantee length? If one trims at the rate of growth one will never see any progress? But if protective styles can't guarantee the prevention of split ends then what solution is there? I seem to be suffering from that exact paradox (for 2 years). I went to get my hair trimmed a couple of weeks ago about 1cm-2cm trim but seem still suffer the same level of breakage before I trimmed (5mm-10mm) taking that only air dry, and protective style (medium to loose twists) once a week (spritzing as needed).

    *please note I do blame some of the breakage on the stylist, she raked through my tangles (caused by improper washing by the hair washing attendant) starting from the root or middle (instead of the ends) and didn't add any additional leave-in when I advised her to.


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